Waiting on Motivation…

Have you ever left something until the very last second?  Of course you have, who hasn’t?  Don’t you always wish that you “found” the motivation earlier?  Once you start to get your hands dirty, you start to enjoy what you’re doing, or you start to find it interesting, you begin to panic because it’s midnight […]

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How to Start from Scratch

When life throws lemons at you… sometimes you don’t manage to catch them…and sometimes they spit lemon juice in your eyes and you’re left with a terrible burning sensation and nothing to clean up with. Well, that seems to be the boat that I’ve been in for the past year, on and off.  It hasn’t […]

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Chapter One

Welcome to my very first blog! Writing has always been like therapy for me.  By that I mean, initially, you don’t necessarily want to get off your couch and talk to someone about your most personal thoughts and feelings but when it’s all said and done… you feel a thousand times better.  I decided to […]

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