Chapter One

Welcome to my very first blog!

Writing has always been like therapy for me.  By that I mean, initially, you don’t necessarily want to get off your couch and talk to someone about your most personal thoughts and feelings but when it’s all said and done… you feel a thousand times better.  I decided to start a blog to keep my sanity.  Committing to a blog is going to keep me accountable to write on a more regular basis, which is exactly what I need.

While this might seem like a journal, my intention is to give my readers as much information as I can on health and fitness.  It will end up sounding a lot like a journal because, well, I write by what I live.  There needs to be a whole lot of truth to what I write before I spread knowledge that may or may not be true.  In a way, I’ve called it Chapter One because everything that comes after this will be new and exciting experiences that I encounter with my health and fitness.  I may try something and it might not work for me, you’ll hear that too, don’t worry.

I will post a lot about nutrition and exercise, but not in a traditional sense.  I don’t intend on lecturing on what the next diet says you need to eat or what exercise regiment is the best. Simply put, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.  I am a call center representative, a mom to two dogs and a cat, and an avid crocheter.  I was also diagnosed with lupus in 2013.  So, the posts that you’re likely to see will be about what diet and exercise does for me and what changes I notice based on what I’m doing.

Food and exercise is what fuels us for our day.  It can mess with our moods, anxiety levels, and our energy. It can cause the onset of dormant inflammatory diseases.  Finding balance and a way to organize your day to include healthy living into your schedule can be the hail Mary you’ve been looking for.  I’ll discuss what I’ve done and what I’m doing to ensure that I have enough hours in my day to go to bed happy and to wake up excited to conquer another day.  Mind you, this is a work in progress. I’m doing my best and I am figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.  I’ll let you in on whatever secrets I discover along the way.

Big and important topics that I will do my best to tackle will be organization, planning, and motivation.  These things don’t seem to be 100% directly related to health, but they totally are.  If your kitchen is in shambles and your Tupperware is all over the place, you can’t tell me that when you walk in there to do food prep that you feel motivated and enthusiastic.  Same goes for planning; running late doesn’t feel good, not having time to pack a lunch doesn’t feel good, and being in the grocery store without a list and on an empty stomach is NEVER good…mmm chocolate and chips and candy and salted peanuts and chocolate milk and ice cream…you get my point.  Motivation… well how would we get all of this done without it.  I’ll let you know what motivates me and maybe that will help you figure out what motivates you!!

Until next time!


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