Waiting on Motivation…

Have you ever left something until the very last second?  Of course you have, who hasn’t?  Don’t you always wish that you “found” the motivation earlier?  Once you start to get your hands dirty, you start to enjoy what you’re doing, or you start to find it interesting, you begin to panic because it’s midnight and only eight hours before it’s due and somewhere in that timespan you think that MAYBE you should sleep? Or, your 40 years old still can’t find the courage to ask a girl on a date and you’re worried that your window for having a family might be passing you by?

skeleton waiting

This is usually how it goes when someone waits for motivation to spontaneously happen.  Let’s tack on 2 more projects, similar deadlines and ZERO motivation.  So, the first night you pump out a mediocre essay, or a half ass job fixing whatever it was your wife asked you to fix months ago.  The next night you realize that this second essay or project is supposed to be double the length and a lot more research involved.  You manage to complete the report with very little sleep.  It’s the same length as the essay you wrote the night before and about the same amount of research went into it, but you finished it! Yay! The project your wife asked you to complete, well, you managed to finish but you’re a little concerned about the longevity of the final product because you had to miss a step or two. Now the third night, and the third project, you decide to skip.  You pat yourself on the back for working so hard the previous two nights. You justify not having a relationship because you just don’t have time, you’re such a hard worker.

The results, well your first essay and project turn out ok, but barely.  You hit the pass mark on the button but nothing more.  The next night, well you don’t even pass the essay and that thing that you were fixing, is broken again not even 48 hours later. Bravo.  The third night, well you know how that went.  Now, let’s think about this.  You’re now sleep deprived…you basically failed three courses or three projects and, likely, you will have to repeat all three of those tasks.  More than certainly you will be out money, time and if you don’t play your cards, you’ll be even more sleep deprived.  What’s even more… you’re still a single couch potato making excuses for yourself.  Really, you’re only harming yourself.  No one else cares about your excuses, so who are you kidding?

So, what’s your excuse?  I know.  “I wasn’t motivated”, “I can’t FIND any motivation”, “I have lost my mojo”.  Well, people, it’s time to find it.  Or, more truthfully, it’s time to realize it’s not something that you can find.  It’s something you create.  While you’re busy sulking about not having motivation, you could be out there kicking butt and taking names.

Remember the beginning of this conversation?  You WISHED you had started earlier because things became interesting or because you started to have ideas that you couldn’t elaborate on because of time constraints?  THIS is the beginning of the creation of your own motivation.  You can’t sit on your butt and wait for motivation to creep up on you.

Step One

Start the damn project, task, life altering step.

Whatever it is, as soon as it’s assigned.  Sit down, write a list of things you will need.  Ideas on how to start it. Give yourself an outline. Write it, old fashioned paper and pen.  It will make you feel more accomplished to have a hard copy of your outline.  This is not just for essays or school projects.  Your list could be to buy a gym mat and some dumbbells. Meditate.  Buy healthy groceries. Gut all clutter from kitchen. Whatever you NEED and WANT to do.  This is about you!!!


Step Two

Create time slots.

List the different tasks.  Give yourself an appropriate amount of time for each.  For example, if you’re writing an essay.  Give yourself one hour to write one of the paragraphs.  Make it awesome.  Put the pen down, or the hammer, whatever, and move on to something else.  De-clutter for one hour. Walk the dog around the block for 15 minutes.  Start simple, don’t overload yourself.  However, you will be surprised how quickly those time slots will be extended… because you, my friend, have become motivated.


Step Three

Just do it.

Follow your own time slots.  Make each hour count.  At the end of the time slot, you will have something awesome.  This is going to make your next time slot even better.  You are constantly creating your own motivation.  You’re not going to start your assignment with a killer introduction that you’re incredibly proud of and then walk away from it.  That doesn’t make sense.  You’re going to think, “Wow, I put so much effort in to that, I can’t let it go to waste”.  After that, each hour-long session will be something you look forward to.  Yes, it’s still a task, but it’s something that you can be proud of in the end, and that will motivate you to move forward.


Moral of the story, stop looking for motivation, or waiting for it.  It’s not going to come knocking on your door Mrs. Couch Potato… it’s created by you.  Just start. It might be daunting, but just get up.  Do 5 squats, write for 15 minutes, call one client, say “Hey” to that boy on Facebook messenger.  All it takes is that first step, only then will you see TRUE motivation.

***Tip! Make a list of all the positive things that you want in your life.  When you’re assigned something that you don’t want to do, remind yourself that it’s all for a purpose…and then own it!!

Tell me some positive things that you have in your life or what are some positive things that you would like to achieve? Let me know!! Brighten my day!

Here’s my list!

  1. Buy a house – with lots of land for my pets.
  2. Have a family – someday.
  3. Be MOSTLY positive… we only live once – why waste it.
  4. REMEMBER all the things you ALREADY have!

This is what pushes me to my first step in motivating myself to do those silly things that eventually I’ll hire a maid for – you know… when I’m rich and famous. HAHA!

Have a good week and do something that you’ve been MEANING to do for a while.  It’ll feel great, I’m sure.


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